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Thursday, February 16, 2012

What to Wear: Engagement Pictures

Around this time of year it seems like everybody and their sister is either engaged or about to be. It's such an exciting time! Fortunately for you, I've been meticulously taking notes while Facebook stalking other peoples' engagement pictures. Here are some attire tips!

1. One word: classic.
Imagine yourself in 19 years, flipping through your engagement and wedding pictures with your teenage daughters. Aim for "Mom, wow! That outfit was so classic!" not "What in the world were you thinking?!" I would seriously wear my mom's black & white polka dotted dress (minus some of the 80's poof in the sleeves) that she wore for her engagement pictures - you can't much more timeless than that!

2. Have multiple outfits. 
Try to vary them (i.e. a timeless dress for one outfit and jeans with boots and a nice top/blazer for another outfit). If you don't want to go through the hassle of an outfit change, stick with a classic piece, like a navy dress, and change accessories. Pair it with a statement piece like a chunky necklace or scarf for half the shoot, then put on a cute, but simple cardigan to finish out the pictures in.

3. Modest is hottest.
I say this tongue in cheek (I'll save my theological thoughts behind this Christianese phrase for another day), but seriously, your engagement pictures (and your wedding for that matter) isn't the best place to show off the weight you've lost in preparation for your big day. When picking out outfits, imagine finagling around on the ground posing for seemingly cute pictures and then showing said pictures to your Nana. Plus, if you feel modest and covered, chances are you'll feel more comfortable posing during the shoot, rather than spending tons of time pulling things up and down and feeling self-conscious.

Here are some outfits I really like and think would work well!
 *Swoon* I love this dress. I think lace and other delicate materials are so romantic for engagement pictures (so long as its, once again, modest).

 I really like the cutouts (not necessarily the color) of this dress. It covers everything while not looking Amish.
 Once again, so delicate! I think this would be wonderful with a navy blazer and a thin camel-colored belt and boots!
This dress is fabulous. You can't really tell from the picture, but its got small white polka dots all over. You could pair pretty much any accessory with this! 
And if you're wanting to go for a bold statement piece, pair it with more classic pieces, like Sydney from the Daybook blog did here. This necklace is fantastic!

Most of the dresses here are from ModCloth and Anthropologie. If you're looking for good jewelry that doesn't break the bank check out The Jewel Box - their selection online isn't bad, but the stores are the best!

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