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Monday, December 3, 2012

In the mean time...

Hi, friends. While I'm writing pages upon pages of academic goodness and trying to edit bachelorette weekend pictures, you should listen to this spoken word from Matt Papa called "The Story of God." It goes from Genesis to Revelation and tells (surprise!) the story of God. It is SO wonderful and will make you worship. It's 10 minutes but its worth every second to listen to it. So take a study break or watch this during lunch, you won't be disappointed!

I'll soon give updates on life/my bachelorette weekend/tell you how I'm FREAKING OUT because I'm getting married in 18 days! Woohoooooo!!

P.S. Kate Middleton & Prince William are having a baby! It's going to be the most beautiful baby ever. Except for my future kids of course (only because they will have squishy, kissable, Miles cheeks).

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