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Monday, March 26, 2012

Day Date in Durham!

This semester, for the first time in my college career, I don't have Friday classes! Conveniently, neither does my sweet fiance. This past Friday we took advantage of this time off and had a day date in Durham. Day dates are the best because 1) things are cheaper (lunch time menus vs. dinner time, matinee prices, etc.) and 2) sunshine.

We started out the morning by having breakfast at the Mad Hatter. Seriously so delicious. The only problem was it was too early to eat sweets from their bakery :(
Next we went to Duke Gardens. I love Duke Gardens. We spread out a blanket, got in the Word, read, and talked. It was so fantastic and much needed. We went to the gardens multiple times throughout the summer with The City Project so it holds a special place in our hearts :)
To wrap up our date, we went to Bull City Burger and Brewery. Oh man. It was burger-juice-running-down-my-hand good. They have delicious burgers and really fun fountain drinks, plus a nice patio in the back. The building itself makes the food taste better - I mean seriously check out those ads on the side - too cool!
We're really excited to live in Durham come December and explore this fun, eclectic city more!

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