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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


What if you could pray and God would instantly answer your prayer? Let's be real, that'd be pretty awesome. It either sounds like a bad infomercial or a Genie-your-wish-is-my-command scene from Aladdin, complete with a stellar soundtrack. It kinda sounds like its too good to be true.

But the crazy thing is is that God does this. In a way it is too good to be true, but God graciously answers prayers in divine timing that brings him glory. Sure, God chooses to answer some prayers after years of faithful petition before his throne, but God seriously answers some prayers instantaneously. Just last night I had a significant chunk of one-on-one time with a classmate. We had to listen to a guest lecturer off campus, then I was going to take her back to her dorm. During the lecture, I prayed for an opportunity to share the Gospel/invite her to church/talk about God. Y'all - all of those things happened in some fashion just minutes after I prayed for them! God is seriously awesome. And this isn't the first time this prayer for opportunity to share has been answered with lightening speed. 

So why does God seem to answer this prayer so quickly? It's because he's the best daddy imaginable. He desires ALL people to be saved and he wants to mercifully draw his children to himself!

Pray with boldness that, because of what Jesus did on the cross, God the Father would draw his children to himself through the Holy Spirit speaking through you, and that all would come to have a relationship with the Lord. And when you pray said prayer, don't be shocked when God faithfully answers, all in divine timing.

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