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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Day in the Life: Thrifting!

A few Saturdays ago I had my first legit thrifting adventure! I went with my sweet friend, Ellen, to the GCF in Brier Creek, NC. It was totally intimidating at first, but we found some really awesome things!
Ellen racked up with multiple cute, but classic skirts. 
I landed a navy polka-dotted shirt from Target (with the tags still on!) and a dress from H&M! I was very pleased. (Please note inflatable Santa in the corner. Thank you.)
I am a little sad I didn't walk away with this gem though... life must go on.

A few tips from my first experience:
  • Look through your closet before you go and take a mental inventory. If you have too much gray (like myself), go for other colors. The GCF in Brier Creek is organized by color which was super helpful for this!
  • Pick out a classic piece from your closet (a simple skirt or cardigan, for example) and try to find a more vibrant thrift piece to accompany it. 
  • Be patient! We were in the store for an hour or so and ran out of time! Have a good hour and a half or two hours to spend thrifting so you can really dig and find good deals.

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