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Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Musings: Retreating

This weekend Miles and I went to Georgia for the Winshape Preparing to Last retreat, which was basically a long weekend of preparing for marriage!

We drove what seemed like forever (aka 8 hours) to get there and stopped at some quality joints along the way...

We kept swapping off so the driving wasn't as bad - although Miles' expression wraps up how we felt about spending 8+ hours in a car together: glad to be together but more than ready to get out of a itty bitty Civic.

About 30 minutes from our destination we decided to roll down the windows. Miles felt a massive bug hit his hand so we rolled them back up and kept driving. Much to my horror, a few minutes later I saw something drop from the interior roof of the car. I'm still uncertain what type of bug it was but it looked like a combination of the biggest fly I've ever seen and an imminent-death-inducing Japanese hornet. Being minutes away, seeing as I was keeping my cool FREAKING OUT, we pulled over and Miles trapped it in a cup! Such a hero :)

Victorious fist pump.
The retreat grounds were in the mountains near Berry College and it. was. beautiful.! The staff had thought of everything. We pulled up and they unloaded all our bags and had special treats waiting for us in our (respective) rooms.

My room: Pretty sure I could live with this decor the rest of my life and be happy. The picture really doesn't do it justice.

Plus the fact that there was a personalized note, a chocolate truffle, and music playing in my room upon my arrival didn't hurt!

Another perk: free CFA mints all weekend long everywhere we went. I think this is like what heaven will be like.

All the architecture was inspired from Normandy, France. Every small detail was taken care of and it really felt like we were in the French countryside. 

Obvi pumped. 

They gave us these cute little Winshape picnic kits to keep and go on picnics in the future :)

We had to take a couples inventory before we went and on the retreat we got to discuss it and decipher it to figure out what it meant. We found out we're a vitalized couple, which is the highest level - pretty exciting considering that vitalized couples who continue to work on their relationship have the happiest marriages and the lowest divorce rates!

After hearing our results - despite Miles' scared face we were excited :)
It was such a relaxing weekend (barring the travel) of getting to know Miles better and work on our present and future relationship. I'm just ready to get married to this man already!

I would definitely recommend the Winshape Preparing to Last retreat for any seriously dating or engaged couple! They also have some pretty awesome retreats (including sailing cruises!) for married couples. We learned lots of practical things and are excited to apply them now and in the future!