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Friday, November 9, 2012

High Five for Friday: Time Flies When You're Having Fun

I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for this H54F post!

Somehow my weeks lately have been flying by. Maybe its the whole school/wedding/relationship trifecta going on in my life right now. Regardless, it's Friday and I'm high fivin':

1. Who loves orange soda?
There's the cutest restaurant/coffee shop/store near my house called Parker and Otis. If you're in the Durham area you need to go there a-sap. On my most recent trip there, I found out they have my favorite soda of all time: Stewart's orange 'n cream. It's basically a creamsicle in a bottle. So delish.

2. Mystery magazine.
Image found here.
Somehow this gem showed up at my house yesterday. I've seriously always wanted a magazine subscription. I mean, sure, I got Highlights circa 1997 so when I say "I've always wanted a magazine subscription" I mean a real magazine that doesn't have word searches and personality quizzes. Yay for recipes and decorating Martha style!

3. The Meaning of Marriage
I love this quote! Tim & Kathy Keller's book The Meaning of Marriage is SO wonderful. Do yourself a favor (whether you're single, dating, engaged, married) and read it!

4. Chuckie? Is that you?
My roommate, Kaylee, goes on these crazy decorating sprees and makes our house look so cute and homey. Her latest project was a chalkboard wall. The kids in our neighborhood were so so excited about getting to draw on a wall (and subsequently drew kinda creepy pictures).

5. A real date!

Miles entered the 21st century & got a smart phone! So exciting!

This Wednesday Miles took me on a real date! We went to see Argo - it was so good! I would recommend it barring you don't have a tendency towards heart attacks (and can bleep out some of the language). We grabbed dinner at Only Burger and then headed to TCBY for waffle cone Wednesday! I love love love going on dates that are planned out! Good job, babe :)


  1. Liz...I love your blogs! I'm so happy my son is now part of the 21st Century. I hope I can be part of it soon! I want a smart phone too!!!

  2. Your blog is adorable!! I've never read the meaning of marriage but after that quote I'm night pick it up. I saw Argo last weekend, sooo good!! Have a great weekend!!