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Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm Not Dead! (And 10 Things to Prove It.)

Oh, hello.

I don't know if you know me or not. I'm Liz. I used to blog around these here parts. But then I took a seriously long (and unintentional) break.

I was commuting to school, working, trying to stay involved in the community, plan a wedding, see my family, hang out with my fiance, and find time somewhere in there to spend with friends. Apparently life sometimes gets really really crazy. Who knew?

So what have I been up to? Here's what (in no particular order):

That's right. This lil guy is where Miles and I are going to live after December 21st! He's holding down the fort now with some of the guys on our team, but come December I'm kicking them out so I can make the place all Pinteresty and homey-like.

2. Sad pennies all across America...
Apparently iTunes cards no longer require a coin to scratch off the silver shield hiding the magical codes. Somehow peeling off a sticker is just not as satisfying as slowly etching away pesky flakes.

3. Babysitting (per yoush) ridiculously cute kiddos.
I love these girls so much. Every night I get to babysit them is a blessing. They're so sweet and fun!

4. Wedding stuff because ya know, I'm, like, getting married in FORTY-SIX DAYS!
I found my dream wedding shoes at DSW! After going multiple times to scout out their shoe selection in order to find wedding shoes, I finally stumbled upon some. Guess the third time's the charm.
My mom and I, with the help of my awesome Maid of Honor, decorated virtually all of the centerpieces for the reception, took pictures of them, labeled them, and put them in individual boxes. It was a mess to do and wasn't my fave thing ever, but I'm SO excited for our centerpieces. It's probably one of the most anticipated facets of the wedding. (And if you're at the reception, you better look at all of 'em, dang it.)
I've been able to get lots of detaily things taken care of too. Like napkins. Somehow when these little things get taken care of the whole I'm-getting-married thing seems a little more real. (AHH!)

5. This. (aka I like big cheeks)
Having to go to mine and Miles' home for various events/wedding showers means looking at lots of baby pictures. If there's one thing I love more than a cute baby, its looking at cute pictures of what my babies might look like.

6. The state fair!
Miles and I got to go to the fair with some of our friends from GoUrban. It was (obvi) awesome! We ate awesome  food, rode one ride, and walked through all the baked goods/clothing exhibits. So basically it was the best trip to the fair ever. 
I got an apple covered in caramel, oreos, and sour gummy worms. I intended to share with Miles but that may or may not have actually happened. But, hey, an apple is fruit so I'm pretty sure its healthy.

7. A taste of Durham
We had our first experience with Only Burger at Durham's food truck rally last weekend. Durham is known for its food trucks (who would've thought?!) and for good reason. We had heard about Only Burger a ton, and boy did it live up to the hype. Best burger ever. Events like these are just one more reason we love living in Durham!

8. Fwiends.
It has been such a blessing to live with 6 other girls since August. We all get along and have so much fun laughing (a.lot.) and hanging out together. Plus, we're always praying or studying scripture together, which makes for deep, but fun relationships. It'll be sad to move out next month (eeek!) and to only have one "roommate" after living with these amazing women. Luckily I'll only be 3 minutes down the road :)

9. My hand is still attached to my body.
In the past couple weeks I've addressed a ridiculous amount of wedding invitations and written so many thank you cards. Much to my surprise, my hand is still attached to my body. However, I think my chances for getting carpal tunnel have increased tenfold. But, at least we have pretty invitations!

10.  Jesus is awesome. 
Seriously. I've been learning so much during this transitional time in my life. Since things have died down a smidgen I'll hopefully be able to share what the Lord has been teaching me personally and what he's been doing in Durham!

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  1. Liz, I'm glad you're back to blogging...I had no idea what you and Miles had been up to:-) I love the is precious!