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Saturday, June 25, 2011

"The One"

Let's rewind about 4 and 1/2 years. Oh hey, 16 year old self. I see that you're in like. Not love, like you think. Just like. Also, your hair is really pretty.
Let's also rewind to a conversation my 16 year old self had with my godbrother in which he told me that when it comes to marriage he thinks "the one" doesn't exist - its "a one" that you make "the one." This statement rocked my world. My immediate thought was "how unromantic!!" My second thought was "good luck finding someone to be your wife." Ever since he told me this (and since he did find someone, an awesome and godly someone, to be his wife), I've thought about what he meant. At first, I totally did not believe in "a one." I was certain that there was one man out there somewhere that I would meet and be pursued by and live happily ever after. While I'm totally not dishing the fact that God knows who I'm going to marry one day, I've come to grips with how right my godbrother was and how romantic the pursuit from "a one" to "the one" is. 

Mutually choosing someone to be "the one" for the rest of your life is super romantic. If you went with the whole "fate brought us together" or "when God made you he must've been thinkin' about me" (hate that song, BTW) approach, its not a godly pursuit and choosing, but a cosmic attraction that is simply consented to.

A wise woman recently told me that while God totally knows who you're going to end up with, there's freedom in the choice. Even though it'd be way easier to have God give you a ten step plan to find your husband/wife or be tagged in a Divine tweet, that's not obedience. She said we so often want to genuinely obey God, but want Him to lay out the steps in obedience, which isn't obedience at all because if He was to tell us how to obey Him, there would be no trust or faith and so it ultimately wouldn't be obedience. 

If God were to spell out your future partner's name in the clouds, you wouldn't be forced to pursue and rely on Him while pursuing another godly person. So, even though its hard, relish the freedom, relish the romanticism, but most of all, relish the Ultimate Pursuer.


  1. Thanks Liz. Great insight! I really needed to hear this! :)

  2. I love your blog. And not just because of the shout out :). I knew you were cool but this is next level!

  3. Very true! When you look at all the "alternate routes" your life could have taken - there is probably "a one" down each of those roads. All of your life decisions lead you to where you are and who you become. Readying you for the day that you and "a one" decide you're both "the one"! Love you, Liz!