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Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Getting Old.

I'm old enough to plan a bridal shower... for someone that I grew up with... who's my age. Crazy. Cool. Weird. Crazy.

My mom and I made all the decor for the shower and went for a whimsical feel. We broke out the Cricut and started cutting.
We cut out these scolloped circles (about 1.5 inches in diameter) for cake toppers. We used 3 different patterned papers, but made sure to keep two of the patterns relatively simple. 
We cut out 1 inch "D's" and, using a thin brush, lightly glued the letters onto the circles. Once they were dry, we glued toothpicks to the base of the circles. They ended up looking like flowers, which was really fun. We definitely used the flower feel to our advantage. 
We also made bigger versions of the cake toppers which displayed the couples initials. Each of the "flowers" was a different size and were staggered in height. For the stems, we used dowel rods cut to different lengths. 
We put the rods into terracotta pots and topped them with brown shredded paper. 
We used the "flower pots" as centerpieces for the main food table as well as in the foyer of our fellowship hall. They were way cheaper than flowers and so much cuter and more whimsical! 
We were going to buy corsages for the bride & groom but then decided to make paper flower corsages to keep the theme consistent. They ended up turning out really well!
In order to put the flowers on, we glued a circa 1987 pin to the back of the paper. For some odd reason, my mom had THREE "Jesus is the reason for the season" pins. Luckily, we put two of them to good use. Hopefully I can find another use, or a good trashcan, for the other one.
We also made this pennant out of the same paper we used for the other projects. 
We made a triangular template for the pennants, making sure that the top of the template had inverted corners so that when it was folded, the corners wouldn't poke out the sides of the triangle.
We strung the triangles together with ribbon and hung it behind the couple.
It was the focal point of the shower, enforcing the theme right as guests entered. 

Congratulations, Josh & Laura! I hope your story truly ends with "happily ever after"!

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  1. Love your blog. Great decorations! Since your mom likes SLHome and Cricut, I know I'd like her!