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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Burrito Bowls & How to Pick Avocados

Of late, I've had a crazy craving for Chipotle's burrito bowls. They're so delicious (and kind of nutritious). Ish. Anyways, I had rice and beans in my cabinet, so rather than eating out, I put them to good use to satiate my craving. 
It was super simple and was totally as delish as Chipotle. 
I made about a million and a half black beans, no lie. Apparently beans are kind of hard to cook. Hard as in they take for. ever. to cook. I had to soak them overnight then cook them for 3 hours, but in the end it was totally worth it (I think). On second thought, just buy a can of black beans.
I thinly sliced a whole green pepper and half an onion and sauteed them for a few minutes, making sure they were brown but not too tender. I did take one short cut after spending half my day cooking beans and made some instant rice while the peppers and onions cooked.
Once the peppers & onions were done, I threw some salsa, guacamole* and cheese on top and called it a meal. And the best part is I have leftovers! It's the little things in life...

*Confession: my guacamole was horrible. It was kind of like cole slaw. Gross, I know. Apparently, there's a right and wrong way to pick an avocado. The right way is to pick them when they're almost purple and softer, but not too soft to where they yield to gentle pressure. The wrong way is to pick pretty green ones. They're are not ripe. They're hard. In fact, you'll probably gash open your hand while cutting them with your cute little Pampered Chef knife that your mom bought you because they're so firm and you'll end up with cole slaw looking guacamole, for example (hypothetically, of course).

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  1. Liz, this is so funny. I loved the last part especially, with the ripe avocados and the Pampered Chef knife. I'm glad you know now, that an avocado's beauty is only skin deep. Miss youuu!!! :)
    P.S. the burrito bowl looks delicious :) I have yet to find a Mexican restaurant here, but I want to very, very soon!