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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Musings: The Dreaded "A-Word"

 This weekend I went to Bald Head Island with my family. It was fuunnn!
 We drove golf carts around.
My brother went fishing.
We rode on a ferry. I left the beach by myself to make it back to Durham. I had to get my bag, pay for parking, etc. all by myself for the first time ever.
We found pretty things in pretty boutiques.
We went to the beach.
My skin didn't like it.
My goofy fiance got his cap and gown.
We went to a GoUrban meeting and got t-shirts. They're funny 'cause they're true. Durham isn't for everyone, but its awesome.

This weekend made me feel old. It might've had something to do with the fact that I drove to the beach and back by myself. Or it could've been because Miles & I were the only couple among single people at our GoUrban meeting. Or I could've felt old because my fiance is about to graduate and get a real job, Lord willing. Or it could've been because two of the cutest girls ever asked me if I was a teenager on Sunday. I think the last one got me.

3 year old Kate: Are you a teenager?
Me: Ehh, no. Not really.
K: Are you a mommy?
Me: No, but I will be one day.
K: Well then what are you?!
Me: I guess I'm an adult.

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