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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My "10 Foot Tall" Man

This past summer I got lots of relationship advice. Some was wonderful, some was... interesting, as personal opinions and varied experiences often make for.  

Today, friends, count yourselves lucky, because I'm sharing with you one of said gems in the sometimes awesome and always awkward realm of relationships...

"Your husband should be 10 feet tall."

Obviously, this isn't meant to be literal. Although, let's be real, marrying a 10 foot tall man would be welcome chlorine to my vertically challenged gene pool.  

When I first heard this proverb, I was confused, then, with some explanation, enlightened. Ladies, in your mind, your man should be so incredibly wonderful that he seems 10 feet tall. A man that is "10 feet tall" is one who is easy to look up to (punny!) and easy to follow. He's a protector. He garners respect. His presence is never overlooked. There's so much of him that you could brag about his good qualities for hours on end. In essence, you're marrying up big time (hence the hyperbolized analogy).
Bottom line: ladies, make sure your man is super tall. I know mine is :)

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