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Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Musings: Procrastinating... Tomorrow.

So, umm... this week is exam week here at UNC. I've been super productive! *cough* Hence the current blogging...
Last night we had our last college gathering to celebrate the release of Summit Worship's Jesus In My Place CD! It comes out today on iTunes. People, seriously, just do yourself a favor and get it. It's wonderful!
I also got to take engagement pictures with this handsome man this past weekend. It was pretty awesome. Also, pretty awkward. I felt like I was in laughing therapy.

Photographer extraordinaire, Joey: "Just laugh!" 
Miles & I: "Hahaha... ha. Ha."
Joey: "Bend forward so it looks a little more natural."
Miles & I: *bend slightly* "Hahaha..." (still awk.)

I'm anxiously awaiting getting to see them!! *fingers crossed for a preview*
So far this weekend/today, I've seen lots of time with my biffle, Laurenie. We've been studying, chugging coffee, and eating purportedly delicious "healthy" cookies (key word: purportedly). This cookie above was a definitively delicious and warm Starbucks cookie. Exam calories don't count though, right?

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