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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jesus In My Place (The CD!)

 Today, my church's worship team, released their long-awaited CD! The title, Jesus In My Place, marks the journey our church has been on for a few years now. The phrase "Jesus in my place" gets brought up around the Summit all the time because it's the simplest summary of the Gospel:

Jesus lived the life I should've lived, and died the death I was condemned to die. 
He bore the penalty for my sin on the cross, and rose from the death 3 days later, proving that God accepted his sacrifice for the sins of the world & showing that he was in fact divine.
Jesus stands now in my place before the Father. God doesn't see my filthy rags, but sees Jesus' righteousness and record instead of mine.

The gospel message of "Jesus in my place" is so amazing and profound that our only appropriate response is submission and worship!

As far as the CD goes, it's a response to it's namesake. It's 52 minutes of sweet-sounding, solid theology. Every part of Summit's worship team is so incredibly talented and each song features a different facet of the team.

Here's the run-down of the CD with my own thoughts/opinions on each song:

(1) We Welcome You With Praise (feat. Sam Fisher)
This song is such an appropriate intro to the CD! It's a combination of the Passion hit and "O, Come Let Us Adore Him."

(2) You Are (feat. Hank Murphy)
This song makes me want to run for an hour with this on repeat. It's a celebration of God's character and it's super upbeat and fun! Hank Murphy's voice is perfect for this song!

(3) How Rich A Treasure We Possess (feat. Kelby Dover)
This has been and probably will be my favorite worship song for a long time. It's hands down my favorite song on the CD. The piano accompaniment is awesome in this song!

(4) Interlude 1
This is what heaven will be like, techno version.
"Worthy is the Lamb, Jesus, Son of God. Rise from the dead, forever we will sing!"

(5) Jesus In My Place (feat. Matt Papa)
The first time I heard this song, I flipped. Then I sang. Then I might've cried. Then as soon as church got out, I tried to find it online, to no avail. I'm so glad this song is finally ownable! It's literally the Gospel, talking about our best days, our worst days, and how God sees us as his children!

(6) You Are Our King (feat. Jennifer Brown)
Such a beautiful proclamation that Jesus is all we need. Jennifer Brown, you go girl. This song is powerful.

(7) Revive Us Again (feat. Matt Papa)
The guitar portion of this song is killer, plus it's got a Scripture interlude defining what true revival is: a heightened awareness of God's spirit, which he gives.

(8) This Is The Gospel (feat. Sam Fisher)
Ummm... can't really get more obvious than this one. It's... the gospel. This song makes me (a Southern Baptist girl, mind you) want to dance - it's definitely got soul.

(9) Interlude 2
Like the other interlude, this is pretty techno. It'd be perfect to play during solemn times during a service (like communion).

(10) Savior Of The World (feat. Hank Murphy)
This song reminds us that salvation belongs to the Lord. Also, the music in between the verses kinnnda reminds me of Mario Brothers.

(11) We Bring Our Highest Praise (feat. Kelby Dover)
This is one of those songs that you pick up right away because it's super catchy, yet simple. The semi-a Capella portion makes me excited for a worship service in heaven. Pretty sure this hit is gonna be awesome when I get a perfected voice :)

(12) Thank You My Lord (feat. Haven Sink & Matt Papa)
This song deviates from the congregation-type praise & worship of the rest of the CD and features a duet between Haven Sink & Matt Papa. Haven's voice is so pure and clear, I love listening to her! This is a song of thanksgiving to the max.

(13) Forever We Will Sing (feat. Kaimy Masse & Hank Murphy)
Kaimy Masse's enthusiasm and obvious love for the Lord makes me a better worshiper. This is a powerful end of the worship expressed throughout the CD. 

Go pick up this CD on iTunes. Like, now. It's already broken into the top 50 Christian albums on iTunes and just came out today! Thank you, Summit worship team, for this wonderful resource!


  1. We have the same favorite song on the CD :) Awesome review, Liz!

  2. Great review. :) Thanks for writing it! - Sarah Welch