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Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Musings: I'm DONE.

I am officially done with my full-time career at UNC. WHAT?!

I'll be taking some summer classes, then in the fall I only have 8 hours. Seriously, I don't feel old enough to almost be graduating!

Buuuutttt I'm pretty okay with graduating early, seeing as a week after I graduate I am getting married! Woohoo!

Since finishing up my last exam...
I've gone on a bestie date with Lauren. We saw Safe House - SO GOOD. We got popcorn, a obvious must, and finished up by going to Sweet Frog for froyo!
I've hung out with my sweet fiance, who has yet to finish :( A week from today he'll be done though! Since he's been packing up and taking things off his wall, he made this giant poster airplane.
Aaaand he may or may not have thrown it. The pinnacle of RA-rule-following right there, folks.

I didn't think to snap a picture of it, but Miles took me on an impromptu date to see The Vow. I didn't ask him to take me or even say I wanted to see it. He just up and surprised me! And he got me popcorn. Then after we went to dinner & hung out. It was so sweet and thoughtful!
We went to Target to look around for things we liked before we go to register this Friday. Miles apparently likes zebra stripes and sequins. I might have to pull out some trump cards, lest we want our house looking like a 7th grader's room exploded...
I drove home and saw this beautiful sunset! I'm spending a few days at home before summer school starts. I picked up our engagement pictures, am trying on my (Mom's) wedding dress for the first time tomorrow, and hanging out at the lake with my friends!
And I finally put my Summit Church sticker on my car! (Read: I finally washed my car for the first time in so that it was clean enough to put my Summit Church sticker on it.)

I'm so excited to share our engagement pictures! They're awesome. They'll be up tomorrow :)

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