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Friday, May 25, 2012

High Five for Friday: Babysitting!

High five for...

1. getting to babysit four sweet girls with Miles!

2. all the girls ganging up on and beating up Miles.
Just kidding! ...But really.

3. before we got to their house, KB, the youngest, was crying & upset. To console her, they told her Liz was coming over. She stopped crying and said, "the one with the brown hair?!" She perked up when my hair color was confirmed and got smiley. Then she quickly said, "but I don't want Miles to come!" (She really does love him though.)
So cute.
4. Miles winning at Yahtzee by getting two Yahtzees in one round (and being pretty impressed with himself).

5. getting to hang out with the parents of these fun girls after babysitting. We had the privilege of hearing many a horror (now comedic) story about their early years of marriage, which, obviously, fully qualifies them to be great marriage counselors :)


  1. what a cute post!! that little girl is adorbs too and I can see her face lighting up when she heard about her brown haired babysitter ;)

    Visiting from FMGD for the link up!


  2. It sounds like you had a fun babysitting adventure! :) Happy Friday!