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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Musings: Looong Weekend

Over this long weekend, I did no work. Doing no work is great for if you don't have any classes and not a care in the world. It's not so great if you do in fact have classes, like me for instance. This weekend was real! It was fun! The whole no work part though is going to make this week not real fun. Here's to finishing a midterm, a final, three papers, two quizzes, and a book in four days! D:

My car hit 76,670 miles this weekend! I have a weird obsession with taking pictures of my odometer when it hits palindrome numbers. I'm a nerd. I know.
I got to go to Sarah and Eric's weeding this weekend! It was lovely!
Hung out with this sweet girl/future roomie at the wedding
The wedding was extra special because I'll be marrying this sweet man there in a few months! Can't get here soon enough!
Jen and I can hardly take them out.
After the wedding, Miles & I drove down to my family's lake house. It was so relaxing!
Aaaand he beat me and Ticket to Ride. Revenge came in the form of multiple games of Bananagrams. It was an even trade.

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