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Friday, May 18, 2012

High Five for Friday

I heard about the "High Five for Friday" posts from The Small Things Blog and From My Grey Desk Blog (they're sisters!) - it's basically just a recap for the week!

I'm high fiving for...

1. Summer school starting! (I realize I'm a nerd.) While my sensation and perception class isn't the most fun, my class about childhood maltreatment is fascinating - plus, I have lots of friends in there!

2. Getting our Save the Date cards ordered!

3. Finding wedding decor in the dollar section at Target. They were even half off!

4. This. Ahh... like a big drink of water for my soul. I'm trying to praise God for his past faithfulness and trust in future faithfulness and provision (easier said than done).

5. My momma is coming today! Woohoo! We're having our caterer taste test and going to get wedding decor!


  1. your save the date cards are adorable!! and I love those watering cans - love the dollar spot!!

  2. Love that verse and your save the dates! So sweet!