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Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Musings: Tasting & Trivia

On Friday, my mom came in as scheduled for our taste test with Beau Bennett of Beau Catering. Oh. My. Goodness. My mom and I were salivating the minute Beau started whipping up delicacies in my tiny kitchen. Lime baked salmon with roasted red pepper sauce, zucchini & squash salad with pine nuts and parmesan, and crab stuffed mushrooms. Beau even brought us some barbeque, or "Beaubeque" as he likes to call it. Beau is from Little Washington, which if you're unfamiliar with small towns in NC, is in the eastern part of the state, which means that he makes eastern style barbeque, which is the kind of barbeque I've always dissed despite trying because I'm from Lexington, which means I like Lexington barbeque, which is sweet and tangy and very different than the vinegary, imitation stuff. Despite my geographic bias, Beau won me over. Beaubeque is delish.

On Saturday, since Miles is at home in the mountains, I got to teach our Route56 students! It was really fun and they were surprisingly into the lesson (whether or not they'll remember it next week is yet to be determined...).

After church, I got to hang out with my all-star pals Lauren & Sydnie. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings. After eating there once, I wasn't super impressed so I understandably wasn't doing cartwheels in the parking lot when we pulled up. That is until I found out they have TRIVIA. The Quiz Bowl captain in me was pumped. Lauren and Sydnie obviously had fun playing trivia too, as evidenced by their expressions :)
Lauren ended up winning the entire round which was thrilling! Then we realized I came in second and Sydnie snagged third! Good job, table!
Victory, at its finest!
This weekend was great fun, but if I'm honest, I'm ready for my fiance to get back in town! We haven't been apart this long since he went to Malaysia and I was in Kenya simultaneously as part of our summer project. I am anxiously awaiting his arrival to RDU on Tuesday! Woohoo!
On our last impromptu date to see the Avengers (+ CookOut!) before he headed home

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