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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another City Project Update

Every week I get email updates for The City Project that include all the people who have donated to TCP along with how much they've donated. At first, I really hated this. I had to wait a whole entire week to see who (if anyone) had recently sent donations to the Summit on my behalf. With my previous missions trips, I've been able to directly see who gave what because they sent the checks directly to me. I got to mark their names off of a support list. I got to write them thank you cards and mark their names off the thank you card list. It was marvelous. 

However, this whole get-an-email-once-a-week, out of my hands system has been somewhat of a challenge for me. I like being in control, making lists and marking them off (obviously). But God has used this new way of fundraising in a great way. Every week, I'm forced to rely on him and trust him blindly, not knowing if even one person has donated to my work with TCP. I'm forced to pray about support coming in - something I'm not sure I would do if I were personally and directly watching support flow in.

Not surprisingly, God has been so good. I'm able to see all the people who are sacrificially and generously supporting me every Friday afternoon with the somewhat ominous email. Upon seeing this, I can't help but worship. Its such a natural response to the generosity and grace I've been shown and am currently being shown. 

So far, I've got about $1,000 left to raise - which means $3,500 has already come in. Praise the Lord!

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