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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Best Bowls Ever

This past summer, my family vacationed at Bald Head Island, NC. To say it was amazing would be a huge understatement. Bald Head is really quaint and while it has a few shops (which are surprisingly nice!) my mom & I were looking to explore some new shops, so we took a ferry over to Southport. Still quaint, Southport has a sizable downtown area. We gallivanted around, looking at artwork and pottery downtown. Luckily we ventured outside of the main portion of downtown Southport until we found the mother of all cooking stores. It puts Williams-Sonoma to shame. The store is called Cat on a Whisk. We stayed in the store for nearly two hours. I can't do it justice in describing it but they have an online store so check it out!
But more importantly, check out these bowls. These are the coolest & most functional bowls ever. Seriously. I know I'm making a lot of blanket statements here, but they're all true: Bald Head, Cat on a Whisk, and these bowls are the best!
When I bought these, I had just gotten my KitchenAid (or rather my sweet boyfriend had just given me my KitchenAid). The saleswoman convinced me I needed these bowls since I had a standup mixer. I'm so glad I listened to her, even though they seemed a bit pricey at the time.
They're super flexible, which makes adding flour or dry ingredients to wet ingredients really helpful. They have a matte finish on the outside which is helpful for gripping and anchoring the bowl to whatever surface you're working on so they don't slip and slide while mixing. Better yet, the inside of the bowls are smooth so that ingredients don't stick.
Also, they have these nifty markings for measuring things. 
Next time I go back I might have to pick up the flexible measuring cups!

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