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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

International Trip Reveal!

This Sunday we had our second meeting for The City Project. I got to meet up with all the participants again, test my name recall, awkwardly talk about majors and where everyone's from and get these super legit name tags. And get pumped about this summer, which was hands down the best part.
They warned us ahead of time where we'd be going for our international trip so everyone was anxiously awaiting the reveal. Of course, they saved the reveal for last on our itinerary. To make matters worse, they handed us envelopes (the contents of which revealed our international trip) at the very beginning of the meeting. It was like the Oscars. Without the red carpet and the fancy clothes and paparazzi and Lady Gaga in an egg. So kinda not like the Oscars - but it was still exciting! 
 Eeekkk! I'm so excited to be going to Kenya.
Here are some fun facts about the country. Once again, super legit.

Here's the official description from The City Project website about the Kenya trip: 

Travel to Kenya with the goal of stepping into poverty stricken communities and fighting for the children as you help build schools, participate in feeding programs, visit orphanages, HIV/AIDS clinics, and build relationships with children forced to live in both the slums and displacement camps. Your time in Kenya will include a camping safari to debrief on what you have been experiencing, as well as seeing the amazing African wildlife.

I'm so thankful for this opportunity and am incredibly excited about how God is going to change me and use me to further the Gospel in Kenya! I'm also really pumped about going to and working with an actual orphanage rather than reading about them.


  1. That is AWESAMAZING... (my favorite made up word)! God is going to do amazing things with you Liz. I know it's so exciting to see Him working in my kids and all the kids they grew up with! Can't wait to hear all about the trip. What month will you be there?

  2. Thanks, Ashley! I'll be there July 17-30.