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Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Musings: If You Give a Liz a Cookie

"Do you want a cookie? Try my cookie cookie! It's only 99 cents, plus tax!"

Anyone? ...Anyone? Here's to hoping you get this reference. If not, do yourself a favor and watch The Office episode "Diversity Day." Humor at its finest.

And if you watch it, chances are you'll want to have a snack.

And watching Michael Scott talk about cookie cookies will make you want your own.

So you'll hop in your car and drive to the grocery store to get ingredients.

But while you're driving you'll get sidetracked thinking about how much you wanted Chick-fil-a yesterday but couldn't have it because it was Sunday. So you'll drive there instead.

You'll be in the mood for a snack and make unhealthy superb decisions and get CFA's newest dessert: a chocolate chunk cookie.

As soon as you're sinking your teeth into the pure disc of bliss, you'll want a glass of milk.

And when you're drinking your milk, chances are you'll have pity on my soul as I take my last final of summer school.

Having pity, you will pray for me, knowing that I spent all this time eating cookies and blogging and recreating an adult version of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" all. for. you.

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