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Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Musings: Well, That Was Unexpected

This weekend was unexpected ("bass ackwards" as one of my professors would say). I went home expecting to have a pretty normal weekend with an awesome blossom first bridal show ever tossed in there.


Here's how my weekend actually went:

1. Antiques! 
I love antique things. Especially antique cans and jars. And especially antique kitchen goods. My mom and I went to the wonderful (read: overwhelming) antique store in Welcome and picked up lots of goodies for centerpieces for the reception. We're going kind of unconventional and using lots of antiques!

I realize the dino Campbell's can isn't really vintage or anything but give me a break - it's awesome because it has a stinkin' dinosaur on it.  And, yes, that dinosaur will be on one lucky table at my reception.

2. Actually mailing our Save the Date cards!
I know I've written like half a million times that I was ordering, receiving, addressing, stamping, organizing the cards and I should've had them in the mail a long time ago, but I just now got all the addresses and wrote the last few cards and sent. them. out.!

3. Family reunion mayhem.
Let's just be real - family reunions are awkward. You never know everyone there so you kinda hang with the handful of people you "know" and see once a year at Christmas. Well, this family reunion wasn't awkward (read: wasn't as awkward) because my cousin's super cute, super fun kids Caleb & Shayln were there! I love this kiddos and they are wonderful. I had no idea they would be there - it was a sweet surprise! We hated that their older sister Julia wasn't there or their ridiculously hilarious 'rents.

4. The worst bridal event of all time. 
Okay, so I'm not really qualified to make that generalizing statement considering this was my first and only bridal event. Buuuttt still. I was so excited because they were giving away a $500 gift certificate for Crane Paper Co. I was one of about 10 brides there so my odds were looking good. My mom and I arrived an hour and a half before the coveted drawing so we walked through the vendors (most of whom we had already hired) and then perused nearby stores. We got there 20 minutes before the drawing was scheduled to take place, walked in, and heard the lady in charge say "Well that was the last drawing, thanks for coming everyone!"

......(composing myself) (holding tears back over missing out on potential Crane Paper wedding invites).....

What a bummer!
The silver lining was finding these bridal shower invites:
Aren't they too cute? They were made for me.

5. Sunny rain
I was sitting in our church parking lot, waiting for my godmother to come out so we could have dinner, when the bottom dropped out. It rained crazy hard monsooned. But the sun was still shining! Sunny rains always freak me out/make me excited because anytime the sky looks abnormal I always think Jesus is coming back! I have since I was little and probably always will.


  1. I love the idea of using antiques as centerpieces! That's so unique, but really beautiful. And you're not going to believe this, but the exact same thing happened to me at a bridal shower 5 years ago! Almost every vendor at the show was giving away something, and they had about 20 drawings. We arrived at the show when they were halfway done pulling the names of winners, because they started early. I just remember being so upset! But I am obsessed with those bridal shower invites, so that is a pretty nice "silver lining" for you. :-)

    1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a bridal show horror story! :)

  2. Aww. I'm so sorry about you missing the drawing, but those shower invites are adorable!