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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Freshmen, Here's Your Sign...

It's the first week of classes here at UNC and campus is buzzing with freshmen. How do I know? Here's how:

1) The girls are wearing heels to class.

2) They're also carrying purses, a la high school.

3) And there's an 84% chance they're wearing lanyards complete with a OneCard and room key.

4) You don't notice they're sitting next to you until they suddenly exclaim in an inappropriately loud voice, "BY THE WAY I'M MICHELLE." This, naturally, is for the purpose of getting your notes later on in the semester, which probably won't happen.

5) They act ridiculously impressed / weirded out when you tell them you're a senior.


  1. Hahahaaaaaa heels to class? That won't last long!!!!


  2. Ohhhh, this is so true! So, so true! I give it two weeks before they're all wearing sweats, clogs, and tossing their lanyards into their backpacks between uses.

    Sara @ You.And.Me.Are.We

  3. bwahahaha....carrying purses?! And the lanyards, I remember those, though I never wore one, I was given one at freshman orientation. But I did wear heels to class for all four years...on the days that I only had one or two classes, that is. If I was going to be at school all day, no way!