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Friday, August 10, 2012

High Five for Friday: Weird.

Have you ever had one of those weeks that's just plain weird? Weird is the only way I can describe this week, and when I think about it, even that doesn't really cover it.

I'm giving weird high fives (with Lauren) for these things this week:

I went home for a few days (not long enough to get anything big accomplished, per yoush) and came back to Durham for the...

1. National Night Out.
 It's an annual night where neighbors across America get outside and hang out. The goal is to build community and safety through meeting each other. 
 That crazy girl is one of my roommates, Cortney. She's awesome and bold and loves Jesus a lot!
Everyone picnicing in NECD
My housemates!

2. The backside of dog ownership. 
Hey, remember all those cute pictures of our house dog that I tweeted/blogged about/instagrammed? Well he was cute for about 12 seconds. Until he decided he didn't want to poop outside and opted for our dining room about 3 times. And until he contracted some mysterious rash. Here's hoping for less weird diseases and normal pooping next week! (Seriously did I just write that? Who am I?)

3. This sweet face!
I got to babysit two of the sweetest boys around this week. I hadn't seen them in almost a month and was missing them terribly! I figure I have a pretty good gig going when I miss working!

4. Spending time with my man!
We explored Durham a bit and tried places we had never tried before: Beyu Caffe and The Q Shack. Both were a definite thumbs up. And getting to spend time with Miles wasn't too shabby either :)

His "I hate when you take pictures of me at restaurants to put on your blog" face. Super cute.

5. Hanging out with my dear friend, Ellen!
We hung out, talked, vented (read: I vented to Ellen), and got to go to the baby section of Target. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I. love. babies. Basically every time I go to Target I frequent the baby section, plan my kid's first birthday party outfit, imagine play dates, contemplate buying them clothes now, etc. You know, really normal things people who aren't even married do when they go to Target. Buuutttt, it was nice to have a legitimate reason to go to the baby section and not be a crazy person since Ellen had to buy a baby shower gift.

6. Funny pichas. 
This was seen during aforementioned Target trip:
 The note read: "Learn how to park." So awesome.

Aaaaand this basically summarizes my week.
Does anyone know if there's a "People of Dollar Tree" website? This is front page worthy.

And I realize that I had six high fives. Just deal. It's been that kinda day.

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  1. that is such a cool way to build community! sometimes it is so hard to get to know the people that are right around us!