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Friday, August 17, 2012

High Five for Friday: Bye Bye Summer

I'm sad to say its the last Friday of the summer :(

This summer has flown by. Part of me is glad because its one season closer to the wedding, but the other part of me is sad because who doesn't love summer?

In honor of summer ending, I did some pretty summery things this week, all of which were definitely high five worthy:

1. Lots o' dates.
Miles and I went to this gem that's just right around the corner from my house. It's been around since 1942 so its super vintage, but not the trendy, we think we're cool because we're old.
The food was delicious and the outdoor seating that overlooked the old Durham Bulls stadium was adorable.

Then, last night, we went with a group to a trampoline park called Defy Gravity.
I really wasn't sure what to expect, but it. was. awesome. We jumped for an hour and it was definitely a workout! I was embarrassingly sweaty to prove it.
Aaaand then we had worked up an appetite for cherry limeades so Miles treated me to Sonic. It was the perfect ending to a fun and exhausting night!

2. House fixin'
Miles spent hours in my room working on hanging blinds for my roomie and I this week. He would get frustrated because the house is old, screw heads kept popping off (literally), etc., but he persevered and now we have beautiful blinds! He's pretty great.

3. Failed summer reading list. 
I never never ever read all the books I initially hoped to read in May come August. It just never happens. I'm not even sure its possible. And books keep piling up on the list, like this baby with a super cheesy couple picture - a requirement for all the marriage books I read.

4. Late night CookOut runs
You remember my friend Cortney from Indiana, right? Well this is my friend Mike from Indiana. Neither of them had ever had CookOut prior to this week. It was obvi a life-changing moment for the both of them. 

5. Sweet encouragement
This week wasn't the best in terms of job situations for Miles and I and to be honest it was hard. My thoughtful roommate wrote me a sweet note of encouragement (on a pig stickie note nonetheless) and it just made my morning!

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  1. That trampoline business looks SO FUN. And I'm jealous of your cherry husband and I moved to LA from Missouri in January, and there are NO Sonics remotely close to us. Sad story :(