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Monday, March 28, 2011

Babies: the Movie

Some of my friends think my love for babies is a bit strange. The thing is, I've always loved babies. When I was little, my parents would find me in my room, alone, hysterically crying. When asked what was wrong, my response was always "I want a baby brother." I knew I couldn't have a baby of my own so I wanted a baby brother. Taking Child Development and helping out with the church nursery has only exacerbated my love for babies. So, needless to say, I absolutely loved the movie Babies.
The movie features four babies from across the world: Ponijao from Namibia, Mari from Japan, Bayar from Mongolia, and Hattie from the U.S.. 
At first, the documentary was a bit strange due to the lack of dialogue. However, this aspect actually gave the movie a simplistic, almost innocent, feel which was definitely appropriate.
The cultural exposés that Babies inadvertently features are amazing and at points mind-blowing. Right after giving birth, Bayar's mother jumps on the back of a motorcycle and travels back to their home on bumpy gravel roads and through cow pastures. Instead of diapers, Ponijao's mother shakes Ponijao, prompting her to relieve herself onto her mother's leg (which she promptly wipes off with a stick).
Despite the extreme differences in location and culture, these babies are extremely similar when compared throughout their first year of life. They all cry, they all laugh, they all interact with their parents, they all eat, they all sleep.
If you too love babies, then its highly likely you'll enjoy this documentary. This might not be the best movie to watch on a date night due to the whole birthing process and African nudity, but it is eye-opening and entertaining!

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