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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The City Project Update

If you have no idea what I'm talking about with this whole "City Project" thing you can find out: read this. Read it? Okay, good.

Now, on to new stuff. A few weeks ago I met up with all the other TCP participants. It was awesome. We got to meet the staff too. They were awesome. We got to hear about fund raising.
The fund raising speech was not so awesome. In fact, it was kind of a downer. It was overwhelming and scary. Due to the feeling of imminent doom the fund raising talk induced, I got to writing my support letters and sent them out - all 98 of them. As I was addressing all the letters, I roughly calculated what each person was going to give me. This family from church- $50. My dad's co-worker- $25. My uncle - $200. I asked a few people to pray for me as I started this fund raising process. I prayed over the letters and subsequently shipped them off, hoping for good results.

Then, money started coming in. Praise the Lord! However, my expectations were totally blown. People whom I thought would be my "big donors" gave me $20. People whom I thought wouldn't even send me money gave me $500. Crazy. Furthermore, my home church has a Missions Committee (who knew?) and they were so incredibly gracious in giving me a huge chunk of what I need.

Through all this, God was and is showing me to rely on Him, because His power is infinitely larger than mine. Shocking. I seem to have amnesia when God proves to be so incredibly good and blows my mind. So I forget and He has to remind me. Then I remember all the times He's proved Himself faithful and am completely amazed. Then I forget again. Its a cycle.

I now have approximately half of the money I need for TCP!! Thank you to everyone who has supported me financially thus far. You'll get a thank you card. I promise. I hope that regardless of financial support, you'll support me through prayer as I (and my fellow participants) prepare for what God is going to do in and through us this summer.

(And, its official, I'm going to be living with the Greear's!!)

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