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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Upcoming Lazy Summer... Not.

This summer I have an amazing opportunity through my church, the Summit, to be a part of a program called The City Project. The City Project is a two-month program this summer (June 1 through August 2) that entails a domestic mission trip to New York City, an international mission trip to either Kenya or Malaysia (hopefully I'll find out soon which location I'll be going to!), an internship with the Summit, and classes through Southeastern Theological Seminary. This trip would be amazing if I was only getting to do one or two of the things I just described - let alone all four of them! And, as an added bonus, I get to live with a host family from Summit. I'm really counting on them having cute kids for me to babysit. 
Everyone, students and staff, who will be participating in TCP this summer met up last week and got to know one another. I'm really excited to get to know the friends I made there better and I'm delighted to get to know the staff and their families better as well (yet another babysitting opportunity!).  

How emotionally taxing this summer is going to be hasn't set in entirely. I've tried envisioning how physically and emotionally drained I was after my one-week trips to Romania and multiplying that by about 10, but it's hard to imagine being that exhausted is humanly possibly. I know this summer is going to be crazy in so many ways. I know I'm going to physically, mentally, and emotionally maxed out by the end of the summer so I ask that you pray for stamina and endurance. Without the Lord girding me this summer, I know I will easily tire and wilt. I'm relying on Him, that His strength will uphold me throughout these upcoming eight weeks. But, I also know that this summer is probably the greatest opportunity for me to grow and serve God I've ever had. And for that, I'm thankful and excited.

When Jesus gave the Great Commission, He said "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit." He didn't say "Hey Peter and John, oh and Andrew, I guess, why don't you guys go and make disciples of all nations." He said "Go," implying all, commanding all to further His kingdom. This summer, in a very tangible sense, I'll be carrying out the Great Commission. However, I realize if you're a stay at home mom with three kids, it might be a bit difficult to give up two months of your summer and go to New York City and Malaysia. But that's why the Lord equips some of His followers to go and some to give in order that others might go. If you'd like to support me in carrying out the Great Commission, you can make checks payable to The Summit Church and put "Liz Nicholson-The City Project" on the memo line and mail it to the Summit (2335-114 Presidential Drive, Durham, NC 27703). Also, all donations, if made payable to The Summit Church, are tax deductible!  

I hope you decide to join me as I embark on this journey! 

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  1. No worries Liz, break through that first wall of exhaustion and you'll be..."girded" I how awesome it's been and get used to everything just by the things you see through God working around you. It's just another endurance race.